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Data Science

So, you want to be a data scientist?

Let’s take a quick look at the skills recommended to enter the field of data science:


  1. Technical Skills
    • Python
    • R
    • Math and Statistics – Check out this awesome site by Randy Lao.
  2. Soft Skills
    • Leadership
    • Communication
    • Collaboration
    • Time Management

So, I have the soft skills, where can I pick up technical skills?

As I have personally experienced, MOOC’s like Udemy or Coursera, can be extremely cost effective solutions to picking up new skills like software development or data science.

One piece to understand is that there is no one perfect course.  I recommend checking out several courses before making a purchase to ensure the course meets your goals.  Are you focusing on a specific area of data science like machine learning and want to focus on tensorflow or is it specifically AI you are interested in?

When I was first learning software development, I looked at numerous job postings and built my skills around what I felt were the minimum requirements to apply.  Now, data science has a much higher formal education threshold but you can find numerous people online who have had success getting a job without a formal college degree, so you can do it too!

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